ProYourSkin aims to provide helpful additional services and resources, which will enable our clients to improve their skin’s condition depending on the areas they are willing to focus on.  

Skin Journals


Chronic, inflammatory, progressive facial skin disease, which has a polyethological nature.

Rosacea is currently believed to be caused by a combination of immune system disorders, changes in vascular reactivity, anomalies in the perception and transmission of nerve signals, deterioration of the skin barrier functions, and dysbiosis of the microflora due to a genetic predisposition.

Rosacea Treatment (key points):

  • Correction of lifestyle – if possible, the elimination of all triggers of the disease 
  • Drug assistance – drug therapy prescribed by a doctor
  • Properly built home skin care routine

The mission of ProYourSkin is to build the right home skin care routine, which will work with the skin’s sensitivity, restoration of the skin barrier without forgetting about the skin microbiota, and reduction of the skin’s inflammation.

We also highly recommend keeping a trigger diary, developed by the National Rosacea Society.

Useful Techniques

Video Tutorials

Having the right skin care works wonders. But we must understand that in many ways, the quality of the skin is a genetic characteristic, and it can be improved only in the range of its genetics. Of course, the anatomical features of each of us, the type of ageing, health status, lifestyle, and home skin care are also of great importance.

Therefore, we want to bring attention to the following aspects in our short videos:

  • Daily cleansing rules
  • Exfoliation techniques and types of exfoliation
  • Elementary massage techniques that you can perform on your own
  • Exercises aimed at stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system, to eliminate edema, to relax the circular muscles of the mouth and the circular muscles of the eyes, to work out the brow fold and nasolabial fold, to relieve spasms and remove excess fluid.