Personalised Consultations

A personalised consultation with a cosmetic-esthetician and beauty&skin expert is aimed at:

  • Determining the needs for your skin
  • Analysing the type and phototype of the skin
  • Determining the ageing morphotype
  • Selecting and correcting home and additional care based on your skin’s condition

The personalised consultation consists of:

  • Analysis of 2 questionnaires to determine the condition of the skin, skin’s type and its needs at the present time.
  • A general strategy for home care, according to the identified needs, a selection of professional cosmetic care products from all over the world that guarantee results.
  • Recommendations on the combination of products in the basic morning and evening routines.
  • Recommendations for the usage of additional home care methods: masks, peels, gadgets, devices and massagers.
  • List and combination of the active components of cosmetic products and recommendations for the introduction of new products, taking into accountthe existing ones.

Additional offers:

  • Recommendations on how to apply all products at home, demonstration of the required massage movements and simple exercises to solve many age-related problems.
  • List of online stores for purchasing recommended products, providing discounts where available.
  • Follow up with clients using the recommended home care products within 2 months of the last consultation, excluding the choice of a text consultation.

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